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Solid surface

Allmax is also a developed machine park for designing and manufacturing of pieces of furniture for the individual client. Thanks to the advanced technology and experience, we are not afraid of any idea!

Thermoforming of SOLID SURFACE materials

SOLID SURFACE is a special mineral-acrylic material used in interior arrangement and furniture design. This material is distinguished especially by:

• Huge forming possibilities – at a certain temperature and tensions, the material can undergo a deformation in almost any way, forming among others some curved surfaces or unusual shapes.

• Possibility of obtaining invisible  connections – an important propriety of the Solid Surface material is the lack of anaesthetic connections between elements

• Unusual durability– material retains its original proprieties even after a very long period of use,

• Decorative functions –during the manufacturing process, it is possible to immerse additional decorative elements, e.g. gemstones

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