About us
Allmax + interiors is a reliable company that offers comprehensive interior finishes. For 25 years, we have completed over 7,000 commercial and residential interiors throughout Europe.
25 years
in business
realized projects
720 000
hours of work
2500 m2
production area
3 000 000
kilometers traveled
Interior finishing offer
Commercial Interiors
Car Dealerships
Shopping Centers
Store Islands
Beauty Salons
Doctors offices
Residential interiors
Commercial premises
Allmax + interior
+ punctuality

The interior is more than designer furniture. What counts at Allmax is quality, timeliness and the sense of security we give our clients. That is why we participate in the entire finishing process.

+ advice and knowledge

We advise the best solutions at the drawing stage so that the final effect exceeds expectations. Our specialists will help realize the architect's vision at every stage of the work.

+ tailor-made design

We create interiors and furniture with individual character, based on our own projects and cooperation with architects. Our finishes are not only designer, but also (above all) thoughtful and functional.

+ interiors from A to Z

We will implement your vision in every metro, no matter if it is a hotel, restaurant, cafe, house or apartment. We will take care of the process, teams and deadlines. You will know what is going on at every stage.

+ perfectly polished

We believe that the interior, just like a suit, should be tailored, where every detail counts. Our experience has taught us to take care of every smallest detail of implementation. Each project is equally important to us, and the client is always the center of our attention.

+ challenging projects

25 years of experience and specialized machinery allow us to meet all customer expectations. We do not focus on easy solutions, we want the customer to be delighted. We do not have: it is impossible!

Our Team
Krzysztof Gaik
Maciej Gaik
Łukasz Radzięta
Michał Nobis
Allmax +interior

How can we help?

designs, measurements, technical consulting, valuations, 3D visualizations, supervision over the implementation, assembly, cooperation with architects, completion of the ordered household appliances and RTV, and assembly at the customer's place.

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What we do?

Wall cladding, floors, ceiling cladding, custom-made furniture, including wardrobes, tables, desks, kitchens, reception and bar counters, display cases, commercial islands, glazing, mirrors, corian - solid Surface, custom-made doors, electrics, stairs, handrails, stairs ...

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